Be a franchisee

Be a franchisee

Special to your investment.

K1 Group presents Idélli, a brand dedicated to customers who can choose style, quality and modernity to their furniture.

Idélli's business model has a well defined action plan to create financial strength and profitability to the franchise investor.

Innovation comes by perfect match of planned furniture, of a store with all home utilities and with the signature of being made by K1 Group. Know a little more of what can be your greatest deal.

Products mix

  • Ícone Móveis

    Modulated furniture

  • Ícone  Mesa de centro

    Coffee tables

  • Ícone Mesa


  • Ícone Colchões


  • Ícone Utilidades

    Home utilities

  • Ícone Cadeiras



  • Ícone grupo k1

    Merged Group

  • Ícone franquia


  • Ícone  fornecedor

    One supplier only

  • Ícone custo

    Value of money

  • Ícone mix

    Extensive products mix

  • Ícone entrega

    Short lead times

  • Ícone público

    Acting on fastest growing market

  • Ícone Marketing


  • Ícone produtos exclusivos

    Unique products

  • Ícone comercial

    Commercial Support

Franchisee Profile

  • Administrative / commercial expertise.

  • Brand and business identification.

  • Extensive relationship in acting area.

  • Needed financial resources availability

  • Suitable profile for entrepreneur activity.

  • No financial restrictions.

  • Accordance to rules and standards.

  • Suitable profile for retail activity.

Opening process

  • Franchise Presentation.
  • Documents and paperwork analysis.
  • Documents and paperwork approval.
  • Factory visit.
  • Commercial Location Definition.
  • Franchise contract.
  • Store project planning.
  • Showroom assembly.
  • Opening.